Suspended Beginnings

Label: Victoria Johnson / Farbror Melker Records
Artists: Victoria Johnson, Diemo Schwarz, Peter Tornquist
Release: 30.6.2012


Suspended Beginningsis a duo with Diemo Schwarz. The duo has collaborated since 2008 playing concerts at Landmark in Bergen, Sound of Mu Oslo, NIME conference in Oslo 2011 and Malmoe, Sweden.

  • Three improvisations by Victoria Johnson (electric violin) and Diemo Schwarz (CataRT), recomposed by Mats Claesson
  • Electra and Multimorf II by Knut Vaage
  • To the Ground by Alwynne Pritchard
  • Improvisation with Peter Tornquist (laptop)


1. Suspended Beginnings I 06:55
2. Suspended Beginnings II 03:49
3. Improvisation 10:40
4. Multimorf II 08:56
5. Electra 14:10
6. To the Ground 11:26
7. Suspended Beginnings III 07:03

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