Suspended Beginnings

Label: Victoria Johnson / Farbror Melker Records
Artists: Victoria Johnson, Diemo Schwarz, Peter Tornquist
Release: 30.6.2012


Suspended Beginningsis a duo with Diemo Schwarz. The duo has collaborated since 2008 playing concerts at Landmark in Bergen, Sound of Mu Oslo, NIME conference in Oslo 2011 and Malmoe, Sweden.

  • Three improvisations by Victoria Johnson (electric violin) and Diemo Schwarz (CataRT), recomposed by Mats Claesson
  • Electra and Multimorf II by Knut Vaage
  • To the Ground by Alwynne Pritchard
  • Improvisation with Peter Tornquist (laptop)


1. Suspended Beginnings I 06:55
2. Suspended Beginnings II 03:49
3. Improvisation 10:40
4. Multimorf II 08:56
5. Electra 14:10
6. To the Ground 11:26
7. Suspended Beginnings III 07:03

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Upcoming events

17.-19. October 2013: Workshop Fifth Row “Simon” chamber opera for youth by Gerhard Stabler and Chrisopher Grondahl

29. November 2013: Solo concert in Stavanger Ny Musikk

1.,15.,19. December 2013: Christmas Concerts with Martin and Henrik Enger Holm, Tove Kragset, Kjersti Rydsaa and others

12. March 2014: Solo concert and seminar DIEM, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus

27.-30. March 2014: Concerts London Ear Festival

8. September 2015: Performing Händel/Halvorsen Passacaglia at Universitetets Aula  together with Kjersti Rydsaa




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Performing the Electric Violin in a Sonic Space (2012)

By Alexander Refsum Jensenius (University of Oslo, Department of Musicology) and Victoria Johnson (Norwegian Academy of Music)


This article presents the development of the improvisation piece Transformation for electric violin and live electronics.

The aim of the project was to develop an “invisible” technological setup that would allow the performer to move freely on stage while still being in full control of the electronics.

The developed system consists of a video-based motion-tracking system, with a camera hanging in the ceiling above the stage. The performer’s motion and position on stage is used to control the playback of sonic fragments from a database of violin sounds, using concatenative synthesis as the sound engine. The setup allows the performer to improvise freely together with the electronic sounds being played back as she moves around the “sonic space.”

The system has been stable in rehearsal and performance, and the simplicity of the approach has been inspiring to both the performer and the audience.

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